Work-1   "Fountain" 73x91cm, 2018,  648,000yen sold

Work-2   "The light is here" 65x91cm, 2018,  594,000yen

Work-3   "Mountain stream" 35x50cm, 2018,  270,000yen sold

Work-4   "Fall above water" 35x50cm, 2018,  270,000yen

Work-5   "An old tree and a moss" 35x50cm, 2018,  270,000yen sold

Work-6   "Ripple in Autumn" 35x50cm, 2018,  270,000yen sold

Work-7   "Season of the rose" 35x50cm, 2018,  270,000yen

Work-8   "River stone" 35x50cm, 2018,  270,000yen sold

Work-9  "Early spring rain" 35x50cm, 2018,  270,000yen sold

Work-10  "Light on the water" 34x50cm, 2018,  270,000yen

Work-11  "Summer lake" 34x50cm, 2018,  270,000yen sold

Work-12  "Morning haze" 34x50cm, 2018,  270,000yen

Work-13  "Yellow rose" 30x50cm, 2018,  253,800yen

Work-14  "Spring mountain" 30x50cm, 2018,  253,800yen sold

Work-15  "Flow" 29x50cm, 2018,  253,800yen sold

Work-16  "The light of the forest" 28x50cm, 2018,  253,800yen sold

Work-17  "Christmas rose" 28x50cm, 2018,  253,800yen sold

Work-18  "Warmth in winter" 29x39cm, 2017,  189,000yen sold

Work-19  "Ancient times" 25x39cm, 2018,  270,000yen sold

Work-20  "Early summer" 39x29cm, 2018,  189,000yen sold

Work-21  "Stones in the water" 29x39cm, 2018,  189,000yen sold

Work-22  "Winter shadow" 29x39cm, 2017,  189,000yen

Work-23  "Stones of the river" 29x39cm, 2017,  189,000yen sold

Work-24  "Winter sky" 35x43cm, 2018,  216,000yen

Work-25  "Winter sunset" 29x39cm, 2017,  189,000yen sold












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